Successful Diet Tips

Remember from Why Diets Dont Work. Successful Diet Tips
Your not going to lose zillions of pounds in a few weeks.
But these proven Successful Diet tips will help you long term.

Set Realistic Goals
Calculate how much you want to lose, and be realistic how long it will take.
Set weigh-points on the way. But make them far enough apart, so visible progress can be made, say every four weeks.

Plan your food intake in advance and eat regularly.
This will help you to avoid hunger and 'cravings'

Don't be overly obsessed with calories
Remember we are all a bit different and our calorie requirements vary. Just stay in the ballpark.

Avoid 'Starvation mode'
This is likely if you eat less than five hundred Calories below your Maintainance requirement.

Eat a variety of foods, avoid boredom,
Try new things, you'll be amazed at what's out there.

Eat enough Protein
Don't allow your protein intake to drop below the recommended 55g.

Don't cut out your favorites
If you have particular foods, or even drinks that are high calorie, plan to have them now and again.

Take a day off at least once every two weeks
This serves two very important purposes. Firstly it allows a psychological reward, also there is a theory that a temporary spike in your Calorie intake will speed up your metabolism.

Drink Plenty of Water
Water is essential for life, and when the body perceives it hasn't got enough, it goes into drought mode, where it stores whatever water it can. Shortage of water decreases the kidneys ability to do their job, and the liver lends a hand.
Whilst it is doing this, it is not doing its job of metabolising fat. The recommended intake is 2-2.5 liters per day.
Successful Diet Tips
Be positive.
Concentrate on the benefits of losing weight, rather than the sacrifices.

Join online Forums Beware Low-Fat Foods
Low fat or diet foods are quite often higher in calories because of added sugar, than the regular version. Check out labels VERY carefully.Also check the salt or sodium level, as extra salt is often added to enhance flavor

Eat Smarter
  • To help reduce portion size use a smaller plate
  • This will fool the eye into telling you its a 'proper' serving
  • If you need to 'bulk' out your plate use vegetables or salad
  • If you buy high calorie foods try to get individual portions as opposed to family packs
  • When having take away food try to serve your portion then put away the containers this will stop you going for seconds Never ,ever eat from the carton
  • Don't touch other peoples leftovers
  • Despite what your mother said You don't have to clear your plate
  • Always leave room for a nice piece of fruit for dessert

Once you are at your target weight.
Set Parameters for your weight/size check measure every month.
Once you have reached your target weight BE CAREFUL.
Although you'll be able to up your Calorie intake to your 'Maintainance level', you'll also need to allow yourself a bit of margin for fluctuations in your weight/size, say during vacations.
Or even to just give yourself a break.

Though by this time your diet should have become your way of life.

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