A Roof Repair or Replacement

A roof is the protector of your home and treasures. Not only valuables but your family as well. It is an investment that is expected to maintain or increase the value of your home. It must be handled by an experienced professional.


Why do I need a professional?


▪︎ It’s cost effective or will save you money.


▪︎ They have experience and techniques for speedy efficiency.


▪︎They have tools and materials needed.


▪︎ Job done correctly the first time.


▪︎ Loss of warranty if you DIY.


Having a professional complete the repair or replacement will save you money. There’s a chance something could go wrong and you need more materials that will cost you, if you don’t nail the shingles correctly that could cause a leak. By the time you notice there is interior damage costing you double in order to fix the roof leak and all of the Interior damage it causes.


Therefore it is best to just hire a professional and only pay for the job once. It would be quite a lot of stress if a mistake was made. It takes knowledge and experience to achieve success. Roof work must be done in a timely manner so it professional will finish way faster than doing it yourself. Some warranties require a professional to work on any repair or replacement. So if you are thinking about it then you may want to check into that.


Signs you may need a new roof replacement.


▪︎ Shingles are curled or you have bald spots in the granules.


▪︎ Cracked or missing shingles.


▪︎ Dirty or wet shingles.


▪︎ If your roof is at least 20 to 25 years old it needs to be checked by a professional.


Roof Replacement Process.


▪︎ Remove all shingles and any rotten wood decking. (flashing)


▪︎ Fix the rotten flashing and prepare for the underlayment. This is a water resistant barrier attached to the flashing to protect the interior of your roof.


▪︎ Apply new shingles.


▪︎ Install new gutters which will ensure the extra water run off or ice melting doesn’t back up and damage your shingles.