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What are you going to do when the time comes to retire?

That's a question that you will find yourself asking more and more as you get nearer the time.

Me. I'm going to play a lot of golf, do a spot of fishing, (I live on an island) and take a lot of trips.

Of course to do this I gotta keep healthy and fit, but aint that what I've been banging on about on this site.

So if the lord spares me the future looks bright.

But it didn't always look that way.

In 2009 I was a freelance Construction Project Manager, when I had an accident at work which resulted in a series of knee operations. (That's why I know about knee problems)

The end result was that I couldn't work at my profession any longer.

Things were looking bad. I had one kid in college and one ready to leave school, a mortgage and only my wife's salary.
Not enough.

Then whilst scrabbling around for a way to earn some money. I hit on the idea of trying to earn a living on the Internet.

There were lots of schemes, courses etc being advertised on the net. All of which promised 'riches'.

I looked into quite a few and got the impression that the majority of them were your typical 'get rich quick' schemes, you know "Give us all your money and we'll tell you how to be an instant internet millionare".


It was whilst doing this that my boy found this thing called SBI.

At first I thought it was another get rich quick scheme, but I thought I'd look into it anyway.
Before looking at their website I did a little checking on the web.
There was a lot of stuff about it, some saying it was a scam but others saying it was great.

So I had a look at their website

and guess what...

They promised that there was no such thing as get rich quick!

I could however get rich SLOW, or more reasonably earn a good living from the internet with total integrity. I.e. no scamming.
In fact, (and I hope you'll agree) I'm actually helping people

. They also have a no nonsense money back guarantee.

Everything you need to start and run an internet business is supplied. The tutorials are easy, even for a thick builder who left school with no qualifications.
The support you get from their staff and from the SBI community is fantastic, and there are forums to cover every aspect of internet business.

So after a long 'deciding' period I started this site.
I followed the steps in the SBI Action Guide and was soon earning a small sum. which has grown each month as the site matured.

There is a bit of 'front end' work involved in writing this kind of site, but once up, if you follow the Action Guide it requires very little maintenance.
In fact I started another site which is a bit more 'hands on' but is earning me a living and is a lot of fun.

At the time of writing I'm three years down the line with SBI

and have two sites running.
I work far fewer hours than I did in my old life, and I have an income stream which won't make me a millionare, (I'm too lazy) but will support my wife and myself for as long as I am able to read and write.

If you are thinking about your future I really do recommend you have a look at SBI.

Click on the links above and if you want to know anything else use the contact form on this site and I'll be glad to share my experiences with you



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