Motivation for Middle Aged Men

"Those who believe they can do something and those who believe they can't are both right."
- Henry Ford
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Everywhere you look on this site we talk about changing habits, doing things differently.

Which is all very well, but suppose your finding it difficult to change what your doing?

You know you should, but you cant be bothered.

You'll do it tomorrow.

Losing weight, Quitting smoking, Taking Exercise, are all good things you know that you should do to help keep the effects of increasing age at bay.

But you lack the motivation.

Hopefully these pages will help you to gain the motivation you need.

The first question we need to look at is...

What is Motivation?

Just about everything we do has a motive.the reason we do something, or behave in a certain way.

The study of human motivation is probably as old as man himself.

After all if you know what motivates people you can control them.

Likewise, if you know what motivates others, then you are much more in control of yourself.

But in the last hundred and fifty years or so It's become big business.
(If you can motivate people to buy your product you'll be rich)

Motive is the drive to satisfy a need or achieve an objective.

Motivation is the actually doing it

All motivation falls into two categories, which are best summed up as...
Pain or Pleasure

Pleasure motivation
Means we are attracted to an outcome, by a positive result.
Something we desire, or that satisfies a need.

Pain motivation
Means we want to move away from an outcome, due to a negative result.
loss, damage, etc.

Authorities on the subject, have identified that we have several levels of motivation.
Starting in our biological programming. This has been called...

The Hiarachy of Needs.

The theory is, that we, as human beings, have an escalating series of needs, that have to be satisfied in order to move on to the next set.
We'll simplify it down for our purposes.

As civilization has evolved, especially in the western world. We think we have insulated ourselves from these needs.

I don't think sooo.

For all our sophistication, you don't have to scratch very deep, to see behavior that the neanderthals would have recognized.

Our first need is...

Survival of the organism. (You)

Our most basic motivation is to preserve our life. So we are highly motivated to find Food and Shelter.

That's why your mouth waters when you see delicious, sweet, or fatty foods. (High calories good for survival)
Its also why we like a nice home (Security, Comfort)

Once the needs for survival of the organism are taken care of, our next priority is...

The survival of the species.

The sexual motive is one of the most powerful of all the influences on male human behavior.

Even in modern society, we only have to look at our behavior when it comes to sex, to see the human species in its most basic form...

As men, even middle aged men, We're biologically attracted (In the main) to females who represent the best chance of our seed taking, and surviving.

These females are usually young, healthy, and strong. Able to give birth, nurture, and protection, to healthy offspring.
(Probably why you don't often see 50 year old, 200 pound, glamour models do you?)

Then of course we have the results from our sexual encounters...
We're programmed to protect and nurture our offspring often to the detriment of our own wellbeing.
That's why we work to spoil them and send then through college etc.
(And do they appreciate it???)



Social needs
Such as Love, affection, and belonging. Become dominant desires.
We all want to be loved, and be part of a group.
In our evolutionary past being part of a co-operating group made it easier to satisfy the 3 basic needs.

Today we all still have a need to belong, whether to a family, church, football, hockey, or baseball team, even a street gang.
The absence of friends or family is felt deeply, and loneliness, or the fear of loneliness is a powerful motivator.

So far, we share these needs with just about every other mammal. The next levels are called the higher needs and are what make us human.

Is thought to be the next level of need
Self esteem, a high regard for ourselves and the esteem/respect of others, is at the heart of our sense of well-being.
How we see ourselves and how we think others see us is what makes us who we are. Or think we are.
Are we attractive or ugly? dominant or subservient? etc.

Cognitive needs
The desire for knowledge.
The need for Knowledge of ourselves, and the world around us, forms a huge part of what makes us human.
Its the search for knowledge, and the use that we put that knowledge to, that truly separates us from the animals. (Opposing thumbs help as well.)

That desire for knowledge is hopefully why your reading this.

Spiritual needs
Form the top of the Hiarachy, and are not really the subject matter of this site.
(We'll leave them to those more qualified)

What we're interested in is the more everyday things like, how to find the motivation to lose weight, the motivation to take exercise,or the motivation to Quit smoking etc
For us to do that we need to ask ourselves some questions...

Self Motivation

(a little mind trick)

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