Leg Exercises for Middle Aged Men

When doing leg exercises with weights we need to be a bit careful...
The muscles of the legs are the largest anf strongest in our bodies, and we should take care exercising them.
At our age we should concentrate on exercises that enhance the functionality of our legs, i.e getting the muscles working together in their natural order, rather than isolating muscle groups and risking imbalances.

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Isolating exercises, such as Leg extensions and leg curls, are not the best leg exercises, as they do nothing for the Adductor and Abductor muscle groups.
(Adductors squeeze your knees together. Abductors move them apart.)
These muscles do a very important job in balancing leg movement they help to decelerate the legs and provide stabilization to the hip joints

If they are not exercised and built up in conjunction with the larger muscles, you will have an imbalance which can only be bad for the hips, knees, and ankles.

Apart from walking, the best leg exercises for middle aged men are lunges.
These can be done with weight, or without.
In fact at first you will probably not need any weights...

Bench Lunges

These are a good 'starter' leg exercise, when you are strong enough, move on to conventional lunges.

You will need a bench, or a chair will do.

Start by standing about three feet away from the bench. (according to how long your legs are)
If you are using weight, hold them at your sides.

Keeping your left foot still, place your right foot on the bench.

Slowly, keeping your back straight, and the movement controlled.

Lower your body forward, until you are at the full extent of your reach.

Push back until you are at the start position

Swap legs and do again.

Do three sets

Dumbell Lunges

Take care doing these as they put a bit of strain on your knees.

Stand straight feet together pull your belly in
If you are using weights for these leg exercises, hold them at your side, palms facing in.

Take a step forward.

Lower your body slowly, (back straight)
To as near the floor as your kneees will allow.

Slowly push up to start position

Swap sides and do again.

Repeat ten times.

Dont forget
If you feel any pain STOP
"The objective is to try and improve our muscle tone and strength. To do this we need to work our muscles, but not strain or tear them.You will need to experiment, carefully at first, to find suitable weight for each exercise.
You should be able to do between ten and twelve repetitions (reps)of each exercise, six reps without strain but then it should become progressively harder, so by the last rep its an effort.
If it is'nt, then your too light, if it gets hard before six or seven then your too heavy.

You should aim to do three sets of 10 or 12 reps for each exercise with a two minute 'rest' between each set."

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