This Site is Dedicated to Middle Aged Men Everywhere!

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"Over 45?"

"Let yourself go a bit?"

"Going grey, thin on top?"

"Congratulations! Your a Middle Aged Man"

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So is he
(Don't ya just hate him?)

So am I,
and I've just had a health scare, which has made me do some thinking about...

Some of the joys middle age has in store for us...

"Middle age is when it takes longer to rest, Than to get tired"

  • As middle aged men, we gradually lose muscle tone and elasticity. We also tend to replace some of our muscle with fatty tissue. More importantly, we lose strength and endurance, making it easier to strain and tear muscles and ligaments.
  • Our bones lose calcium, and become less dense, porous, and brittle. Increasing the risk of fracture.
  • Our hair turns grey or we lose it.
  • Our skin seems to get too big for us, this is due to its losing its elasticity
  • We gradually, to one degree or another, experience loss of hearing, smell, taste, and sight.
  • Middle aged men, also experience a degeneration of their neurological systems.

Messages take a bit longer to travel along the nerves, and the muscles are slower to respond.

This, coupled with muscular degeneration, causes us to gradually get a bit slower. (Try playing squash with a twenty year old.)

Of course there's also genito-urinary, and gastro intestinal declination to look forward to.

Depressed yet?

There is some good news

Research indicates, that in the absence of disease, Much of this physical decline can be slowed considerably, and in some cases actually be reversed. By adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Whats the difference between the two men above?
(apart from squillions of dollars)

Mr Pitt looks after himself...

The web is full of sites and blogs for menopausal women
But there aint much for a middle aged man who's looking for a bit of help and information on middle age, and how it will affect him.

is here

to help us middle aged men
to look after ourselves

  • There are pages on the various Health Issues that we are likely to encounter.
  • We'll have a look at the so-called Manopause
  • Some Sexual Issues that affect Middle Aged Men are examined
  • There is Information on Diet and Metabolism to help you to Lose Weight should you need to
  • The pages of information about Exercise for middle aged men, will help keep you fit and active
  • There's even help on Quitting Smoking should you need it.

    is an on-going work.
    So please come back and visit us regularly.

    If you have any stories or comments please let us know by using the
    Contact page.
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