How to Quit Smoking

How to quit smoking.
If there was a 'one size fits all' method of stopping smoking, then you wouldn't be reading this page.

In fact the whole 'quit smoking' industry wouldn't exist.

I say industry, because thats what stopping smoking has become.
There are literally thousands of people trying to sell you the 'only way to stop smoking'
as if they have 'the' miracle cure.

Truth is; there aint one.

But there is one ingredient that IS necessary in all the how quit smoking strategies.

You have got to WANT to give up smoking.

Stop and think about it for a moment.

Do you really WANT to quit smoking?

Because my friend, unless you can supply the 'want', then you aint gonna do it.

I can give you tons of advice on how to quit smoking but, like losing weight and exercising, its a life changing, and irrevocable step.
There's no point in doing it just for a while. You have got to stick with it, until it becomes your very nature.

Whilst there are quit smoking aids, to help you stop,
YOU must have the central desire which will supply the strength to quit.

The good news is, its only a habit, and you can change habits.
But you gotta want to change.

Take a few moments to go back and read the pages
Quitting smoking and Effects of smoking

Then when you have done that. Take a piece of blank paper, draw a line down the center, then in the left column, write down all the reasons to stop smoking, and in the right, the reasons to carry on.

You can start off your left column with...

  • Smoking has made me an addict
  • Smoking makes me smell
  • Smoking makes me cough
  • Smoking gives me bronchitis
  • Smoking will give me a heart attack
  • Smoking will give me emphysema
  • Smoking will damage my blood vessels
  • I am being manipulated by the tobacco companies
There's eight reasons off the top of my head.
I bet you can come up with twenty.

I bet the other column aint got anywhere near as many items.

Another couple of pages to help with motivation are;
Smoking Facts, and a good little poem called My friend cigarette

I hope that this helps you to aquire the real desire and motivation to quit.

Once you have the REAL desire, we'll get on to the business of how to quit smoking.

The first thing is to set a date.
This is a big step, so dont do it casually, decide that "I am going to give up smoking on the ? date"
This will reinforce your desire and motivation. It has an air of finality to it.

There several ways to quit smoking. But, they all have one thing in common:
You NEVER, EVER put a cigarette in your mouth, lit or not AGAIN.

You can buy 'dummy' cigarettes which are basically plastic imitations which have a flavouring to make them 'taste like cigarettes'.
they have no nicotine content so the theory is that they help you to wean off cigarettes by giving you something to do with your hands.
I always wonder about the hygene aspects of sticking something in my mouth for long periods, then putting it in my pocket, then putting it in my mouth again.

You can now also buy...

This is an electronic device that is long and cylindrical just like a cigarette. It has an LED at one end to simulate burning. so to all appearances its a cigarette. It has a replaceable cartridge, which contains a solution of nicotine which is vapourized as you draw on it, giving you a mouthfull of water/nicotine vapour, which you inhale and breath out. Just like normal smoke.
The idea being that you get the nicotine 'hit', without the carcinogenic smoke.
All fine and dandy but there are health worries;
I found on the Times online Saying that the world Heath Organisation "Cannot consider the electronic cigarette to be an appropriate nicotine replacement therapy".
The US Food and Drug Administration have also been looking at e cigarettes

I dont think this is how to quit smoking...

Apart from the health aspects. Placebo cigaretes only serve to reinforce the smoking action, and evidence shows that people who use placebos, tend to revert back to smoking.

Nicotine replacement.
Whether patches or gum, nicotine replacement, is designed to 'wean' you off smoking by supplying your 'needed' nicotine. Without the 'harmful' smoke. All fine and dandy. But, didn't we see in Effects of Smoking. That your almost twice as likely to die from the effects of nicotine than from Lung Cancer.(doh)

I dont think this is how to quit smoking either...

With nicotine replacement you are only swapping one source of the addictive substance for another. A bit like the Heroin addict who smokes it rather than injects it. You still get your fix.

Believed to be 3500 years old, (I didnt think they smoked in those days.)
Accupuncture is based on the idea that life force Chi flows round the body, and intersects at over 360 points.
Apparently, if you insert needles at these points, you influence the chi, and that will reduce your desire for nicotine.

I dont know if this is how to give up smoking...

Now I may be an old cynic, but I cannot in all my researches, find any scientific proof of this. Although, I did find one reference suggesting that this procedure releases endorphins, similar to those released by nicotine.

I think that this is one of those esoteric 'therapies' like crystals, and mudbaths, that have more to do with the subjects belief patterns than any basis in fact.

But hey. If it works for you?

The one thing to remember with all the above.

"Its someones job to get you to use their method."
They dont care if you fail it means they get another chance for you to try their product again.

Speaking from experiemce. I think this is how to quit Smoking...

You NEVER, EVER put a cigarette in your mouth, lit or not AGAIN.

Research has shown, that of people who successfully gave up smoking, 98% went 'cold turkey'.

The only real, and effective answer on how to quit smoking, is, to...
Stop, quit, give it up, cease and desist.

On your appointed day and forever after

You NEVER, EVER put a cigarette in your mouth, lit or not AGAIN.

Thats How to Quit Smoking

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