Health Issues in Middle Aged Men

There are certain health issues, among the many other joys we can look forward to upon reaching our middle years. Which, to some extent or other, will affect us.

This list is not by any means exhaustive but I will add to it as time goes on.



But the first disease we must guard against is…

Age Related Hypochondria.

This is the manifestation of our natural aches and pains into imaginary conditions.
You know the score every headache is a brain tumour, indigestion becomes a heart attack

Before you know it, your friends will be afraid to say “how are you” for fear of a long litany of how ill you are.

So be careful when reading that you don’t subconsciously ‘adopt’ diseases.

'Hypochondriacs are like fishermen... They don’t actually have to catch something to be happy'

But seriously. ..

If you think you may have a problem
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get to a doctor

So, on to the real health challenges affecting middle aged men.

By clicking on the highlighted links you will be taken to a page where we will examine…

  • What they are.
  • How they are likely to affect you and…
  • How you can minimise their effect on your life.

A psychological condition in which a Middle Aged Man appears to have lost his mind or is it just
There are .some natural things you can do to ease your way through andropause by reducing the loss of testosterone or maybe you need
Testosterone therapy.
But beware the Snake oil. Testosterone therapy is being hawked as a cure for The effects of ageing.

Coronary Heart Disease
Is the single biggest KILLER Of MIDDLE AGED MEN in both the United states and Western World.

Kidney/Urinary issues become common for example...

Enlarged Prostate
An Enlarged Prostate is about as inevitable as grey hair.

Always bear in mind that nearly all health concerns can be looked at from a healthy and natural perspective as found in these
home remedies

There are several degenerative Eye Disorders we can suffer from. Such as…

Long Sightedness (Presbyopia)
If you are over 40 it is almost a certainty that you are beginning to suffer the effects of Presbyopia.

Age Related Macular Eye Disease (AMD)
THIS IS SCARY Age related Macular Eye Disease will blind you!

The thief of sight. Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions caused by damage to the Optic Nerve,
Causing Irreversible vision loss and, if untreated blindness.

Mid-life men, also tend to suffer from Gastro Intestinal problems such as...



Diverticular Disease
Diverticular Disease is what occurs when small pouches form in your colon, called Diverticulum.
(Or if there is more than one Diverticula)

Hiatus hernia
A Hiatus Hernia is another one of those delightful conditions common in middle age.Over a third of people over fifty have Hiatus Hernias. Usually though, you wont know you've got one.

Is also a possible health issue, especially for those middle aged men who need to lose weight.
Diabetes is also by far the most common reason for non traumatic AMPUTATION.

Its a good bet that we'll suffer from

Stiff painful joints? That'll be your Arthritis then. Just another of those middle age men health issues

Knee Problems
Or good old wear and tear, in some form or another

Never mind...

"Always look on the bright side of life."
(Didn't someone else say that?)

"Its possible that Biotechnology is about to come over the hill like the proverbial cavalry to relieve some of these health problems in middle aged men."

Until then...
Many of these health issues can be managed by small lifestyle changes, such as taking a bit of gentle exercise, moderating your diet, and cutting down or better still, quitting smoking
There are pages to help you with all of these on this site.

Use this site to help educate yourself, and form strategies to help you to enjoy a fit and healthy middle age, and beyond.

Health Issues for Middle Aged Men

Long Sightedness Age Related Macular Eye Disease Glaucoma Coronary Heart Disease Enlarged Prostate Diabetes Diverticular Disease Hiatus Hernia Arthritis Knee Problems

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