Coronary Heart Disease Video



This Coronary Heart Disease video explains how CHD is an interruption of the blood supply to your heart muscle.

Usually by a plaque like substance caused by fatty deposits made up of Cholesterol, and other things in your blood.

These congregate and block the coronary arteries. Like hard water in a pipe

Because the blood cant get through at a fast enough rate it can’t give enough oxygen to the heart muscle.

This will eventually cause damage to your muscle, making it less able to do its job of pumping the blood round the body.

This slowing can also encourage clots to form in the blood, which can then lodge in the narrowed artery causing further problems.

These blockages will in time cause heart failure.
Where your heart becomes too weak to do its job of pumping enough blood around your body.

If blockages to the coronary arteries become so bad that they seriously starve an area of the heart of oxygen then…


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