Cold Turkey.
The only way to Quit Smoking

Perhaps Cold Turkey isn't the right description to use.
Because it conjures up images of 'Junkies' cowering in a corner, screaming for a fix.

Actually isnt that what a smoker is?
A nicotine dependant junkie.
After all. Nicotine and Heroin work in similar ways.

Once a comfort level of the drug is established in the bloodstream it must be maintained.
In the case of the smoker every twenty minutes or so.

If that level drops, you get the urge to smoke (or shoot up.) You have a 'fix' or smoke, and the level reaches comfort level again.

The intensity of that craving is proportional to how low the level is below comfort level.
(Thats why that first puff in the morning is sooo good)

With nicotine, this only works whilst it is present in your bloodstream.
Once it has been eliminated, the physical cravings cease.

The good news is that when you go cold turkey.
Nicotine will be eliminated after about 72 hours.

Compare that to 'Cutting back' or nicotine replacement, which will reduce the comfort level slowly over weeks/months.
This justs prolongs the state of 'withdrawal' making it more likely the smoker will return to smoking.

The bad news is its going to be a LONG 72 hours.

As the levels of Nicotine drop, so the craving gets more intense.

Thats why the first three days are the worst.

Once you are over that, its just a matter of breaking the habit.
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By advising the cold turkey approach. I'm going against a whole industry, that wants you to 'Quit slowly and easily' using their product.(Patches, Gum, etc.)

I will only offer this question in reply...

"Isn't it better, to have a short, sharp, total cold turkey, which has a good chance of sucess.

Than a long, miserable, partial one, that hasn't?"

But remember...

This is a life sentence my friend. You will only be smoke free if...
You NEVER, EVER put a cigarette in your mouth, lit or not AGAIN.

The world is full of smokers who, having gone through the hardships of cold turkey, one day thought to themselves "one will be okay".

The secret of cold turkey is...

"One Day At A Time"

This is the most successful method used in most addictive cures.

Although we know quitting smoking is a life sentence.
If you break it down to one day at a time, it becomes more manageable.

Its much easier to say;
"I'm not going to smoke today."
"I'm never going to smoke again."

The first thing you need to do, is get rid of the 'props' of smoking. Ashtrays, lighters, and stuff.
This will reinforce the finality of what you are doing.

Then, every morning as you get out of bed, say to yourself "I'm not going to smoke today"
and DONT smoke.

Just take the day as it comes.

Surely, anyone can go a day without a smoke?

Your bound to get cravings, so bear in mind that...
Cravings only last two minutes

When you get the craving for a smoke. Just remind yourself that; "I'm not going to smoke today."

Then find something else to take your mind off quitting smoking.

As you get into bed that night give yourself a pat on the back for having gone the whole day without smoking, and go to sleep with the thought "I wont smoke tomorrow."

You'll be amazed at how these little affirmations and pats on the back, help to stiffen your resolve and give you the strength to keep it up.
Be proud of yourself. Because pride is a great motivator.

After a couple of days you will notice how your taste, and smell have returned.

Start enjoying your 'new found' senses. You will be able to detect an ashtray from twenty feet away.)
Notice how bad smokers smell,
and how far away you can smell them.

Do you want to be like that again?

Do this for three weeks, and I promise you, you'll have cracked it.

You'll probably get a bit of a cough during this period.
Thats natural.
Its your lungs clearing themselves of trapped mucus, and a bit of tar and soot.
You may even get some flu-like symptoms. Dont worry, its the crap coming out of your system.

Just keep it up, one day at a time.

By the time two months have passed you will be a non-smoker.

But remember;
NEVER, EVER put a cigarette in your mouth, lit or not AGAIN.

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