Chest Exercises with Weights

Chest exercises with weights, will benefit you by building up these large muscles, which help to move and stabilise, your arms and shoulders Increasing their size will also increase your metabolic rate.

To see an interactive diagram of the chest and front arm.

For our middle aged mens workout, We'll use two main chest exercises with weights. They're called...

  • Dumbell Bench Press
  • Dumbell Fly's
  • Again, as with Shoulder Exercises with Weights, be careful about how much weight you use.
    Remember, technique is more important than weight.

    As the name implies, you'll need a bench to carry out both of these exercises.

    Dumbell Bench Press

    Sit straight, at the end of your bench with your dumbells resting on your knees.

    Roll back, keeping your knees up, with the weights still resting on them.
    This prevents undue strain on your shoulders.

    Take control of your weight and place your feet flat on the floor.
    Hold the dumbells straight up, with your hands facing forward.

    Lower them slowly, (count of three) keeping your elbows at ninety degrees to your body, until you have reached the full extent of your shoulder travel, breathing in.

    Push them up until they touch at the top, Breathing out.

    Repeat ten to twelve times

    Do three sets

    Dumbell Fly's
    The weight needed for this exercise is very light, as your arms are acting as levers. So be careful
    Again sit at the end of your bench with your weight on your knees. Roll back with your knees supporting weight Place feet flat on the floor

    Hold weights straight up with palms turned in, facing each other

    Lower out to the side slowly (count of three,)as far as possible, bending the elbows slightly, pushing up your chest, and breathing in.

    Push back to the start position, concentrating on using your chest muscles. Breath out as you do
    Repeat ten to twelve times

    Do three sets

    Dont forget
    "The objective of these chest exercises, is to try and improve our muscle tone and strength. To do this we need to work our muscles, but not strain or tear them.You will need to experiment, carefully at first, to find suitable weight for each exercise.
    You should be able to do between ten and twelve repetitions (reps)of each exercise, six reps without strain but then it should become progressively harder, so by the last rep its an effort.
    If it is'nt, then your too light, if it gets hard before six or seven then your too heavy.

    You should aim to do three sets of 10 or 12 reps for each exercise with a two minute 'rest' between each set."

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