Back Exercises with Weights

Back exercises with weights are probably one of the most important exercises you can do.
A good strong back is essential if your going to stay flexible and mobile.

Back injuries are often due to people leading sedentary lifestyles which allow their back muscles to deteriorate.
This creates bad posture, which is usually the culprit for strains, and other injuries when lifting, or making sudden unaccustomed movements.

Doing back exercises with weights will utilise a huge percentage of your muscle mass, and by increasing this mass you will also increase your metabolic rate.
The muscle groups in your back are basically in three groups

  • Upper Back
  • Middle back
  • Lower back

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    Back exercises with weights for the Upper back.

    Dumbell Shrugs

    1. Stand straight with your feet slightly apart arms straight with dumbells, palms facing in.
    2. Slowly lift shoulders in a shrugging motion.
    3. Hold for a count of two.
    4. Slowly lower to starting position.
    5. Repeat ten to twelve times.
    Do three sets

    Upright Rows

    Stand straight, with feet slightly apart

    Hold dumbells in front of thighs, palms facing back

    Slowly, (count of four) raise
    (Keeping weights the same distance apart, and on the same level)

    As close to chin level as possible.
    Lower slowly back to start position
    Repeat ten to twelve times

    Do three sets

    Back Exercises with Weights for the middle back.

    By far the most effective exercise for your middle back is called the Iso-lateral dumbell row.
    If you do these properly, they can exercise most of the muscle groups in your back.
    Its also one of the exercises where you use quite heavy weight, so be careful.

    Iso-Lateral Dumbell Rows

    Adopt a bent over stance with your left foot forward and both knees bent.

    Put your left hand on your left knee for support, place weight next to your left foot.

    Keeping your back straight. Lift weight slowly, concentrating on using your back rather than your arm.

    When the dumbell is level with your body, slowly lower it back.

    Reverse stance, and do with your left arm.

    Repeat ten or twelve times.

    Do three sets

    Back exercises with weights for the lower back.

    The main muscles of the lower back are the erector spinae muscles, which actually reach from your hips, to the base of your skull.
    Thats why injury to the lower back is so serious.

    You must take care in any exercise that involves bending the back, as the leverage is severe.

    Remember you were always told to; "Lift with your legs not your back".
    Simple 'core exercises' will usually be enough to maintain strength in this area.

    Dont forget
    "The objective is to try and improve our muscle tone and strength. To do this we need to work our muscles, but not strain or tear them.
    You will need to experiment, carefully at first, to find suitable weight for each exercise.

    You should be able to do between ten and twelve repetitions (reps)of each exercise, six reps without strain, but then it should become progressively harder, so by the last rep its an effort.
    If it is'nt, then your too light, if it gets hard before six or seven then your too heavy.

    You should aim to do three sets of 10 or 12 reps for each exercise with a two minute 'rest' between each set.

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