Angioplasty Video

This Angioplasty Video shows more clearly the angioplasty procedure



Angioplasty is a procedure where a long very thin tube is passed through an artery (Usually in the groin)
to the heart.

The end of this tube has got a balloon, or other tool fitted to it.

When it reaches the constricted part, it is used to physically expand the artery.

Enabling a restored blood flow.

In some cases a mesh tube, called a ‘Stent’, is placed in the artery to keep it open.

Angiopasty is successful in nine out of ten cases.

Angioplasty is a low risk procedure and patients usually make a rapid and full recovery.



But in some cases where there are several narrowings an Angioplasty becomes unsuitable.

In that case you might need a
Coronary Bypass Procedure

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