(a little mind trick)

Here's a little mind trick that you can use to help with self motivation.
It's called Anchoring and it is a technique used by practitioners of Neuro Linguistic programming or NLP for short.

NLP is a form of psychology aimed at behavioral change.

It will also help you with cravings if your trying to lose weight, or quit smoking, or you cant be bothered to exercise,
you can use this technique to overcome temptation, or give you the buzz you need.

I have a friend who is an NLP practitioner who taught me this anchoring technique, and I have to say it really works!

Have you ever heard a song or had a scent bring back a memory or mood?
That's because your brain has associated that sound or smell, with that memory or experience.
A bit like when you approach a traffic light that suddenly turns red.
Without thinking. You move your feet to slow the car.
Its a learned response to a stimulus.
A trigger mechanism

That's sort of how Anchoring works.
Its a way of changing your state of mind by firing a trigger mechanism of your own into your subconscious.

If a song brings back a pleasant memory, say of a sunny day somewhere nice. Its because something made your mind associates that memory with that song. Or is anchored it

So, if you're faced with a situation you don't want...
(cravings for cigarettes or sweet things.)
You can anchor a trigger to a wanted response, (revulsion at the thought of a cigarette, or anything sweet)
helping you cope with temptation.

Setting an anchor is quite easy to do, but will need a little practise, the results though are amazing.

Say you want to stop the craving for a cigarette.
First you need to decide on your 'Trigger'
It preferably needs to be two fold in nature, a word or phrase and a gesture.
You need something you can say to yourself in your head such as "I hate cigarettes" and you need a small gesture preferably one that doesn't draw attention.
A good one is the act of flicking a cigarette butt away, holding your middle finger with your thumb and flicking.
I've suggested this because its not something you do normally. Your trigger has to be something conscious, that you don't normally do.
Also Its also an 'away' gesture. reinforcing the 'away' motivation.

Once your happy with your word/phrase and gesture you need to find somewhere quiet where you can sit and wont be disturbed.
Relax, and think of a time when you couldn't face a cigarette, or imagine a instance where the thought of smoking is unpleasant.
A good one is to think of putting a cigarette in your mouth, and it tasting like an ashtray!

Try to smell taste as well as see it.
When you have the image smell and taste conjured up
Say your word/phrase and make your gesture

It's as easy as that.

Most people take to this really quickly. Others need a little bit more practise.

But stick with it, it really works.

You can use anchoring in lots of situations...

You can create a series of anchors to change your state of mind
Its great for relieving stress.
Just imagine a calm relaxed event in your life like sunbathing or something. Concentrate on it till it becomes 'real' then anchor to it with a word and a gesture.

Likewise if your tired, you can make an anchor to a more energetic state.
The possibilities for anchoring are endless.

Just remember the more 'clear' you can conjure up the feeling. The more powerful the anchor, and the more you use it, the stronger it becomes...

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